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I do have FLAC rips of these 2 albums that i am trying to import into Roon now


|1||Rimshot (Intro)|3:48|
|2||Other Side Of The Game|8:21|
|3||On & On|5:25|
|5||Apple Tree|2:54|
|6||Ye Yo|6:07|
|8||Boogie Nights / All Night|6:03|
|11||Next Lifetime (Interlude)|1:30|
|13||Next Lifetime|12:05|
|14||Tyrone (Extended Version)|5:40|


|1||Intro Performing (Creating A Moment)|0:18|
|6||Didn’t Cha Know|8:46|
|7||Other Side Of The Game|9:32|
|9||The Healer|3:30|
|11||Stay (Chaka Khan Cover)|4:41|
|12||Love Hangover (Diana Ross Cover)|3:30|
|13||Your Mind|6:41|
|14||A Cipher|2:09|
|16||Next Lifetime|11:42|

For one reason or another only the 6 first tracks (so until Ye Yo) of the first album are imported.
The remaining tracks nor the other album are imported at all, and do not appear in the skipped imports log either.

I am running Roon 1.8 (831)
My database is on a Synology DS918+
My core is located on a portable SSD drive connected via USB on my Synology.

The files are located on this google drive area…

Thanks for your advise and br,

Hey @Ervoering,

Please take a look at this article from our Help Center. It discusses why Roon may skip tracks in your local library without noting them in the Skipped tracks display: