Import only one song from new album copied on my share


Do you have expienced when you copy a new album on your share, there is only one song from the album which is recognized by ROON the only way to make it regonize all the album is to restart ROON, do you have an idea of this behavior?

It would be great if we get a buttom to say rescan all my library.

Other questions, I would like to manage my queue like you can on JRIVER i mean i’m listening a big queue but i want to add new albums for example 3, i put them in next because i want to listen them before to continue my precedent queue, but i want to shuffle only these 3 albums!!!

Thanks for your help

Hi @mnt111111! Can you let me know what OS you’re using, and how you have the share set up in Roon?

We’ll discuss your use case for the queue – thanks for the feedback!

Hi Mike

I’m using Roon on Windows 8.1 and my music is on NAS Synology. I have define on ROON the access by share done on my NAS.


Can you make sure you have your NAS setup for SMB3, as described here?

I’m not clear that it’s directly related, but it should offer some performance benefits, and if you’re still having issues, we’ll take a deeper look.


I have changed the NAS configuration now i’m using SMB3
First copy, album Jab Garbarek 2010

All the tracks have been recongnized
So i have put a list of album on same directory

No change on ROON it didn’t recognize any new album after more than one hours i have restarted ROON
After the restart all the new album and tracks import correctly

let me know