Import Playlist from macOS Music app (Not iTunes)

I have read all instructions from forum and Help, I just failed to import the Playlist in my Music App. Finally I just realised that Roon does not read xml file (Music not iTunes), and it can do only M3U for Music app.

But why Roon does not update the following :
“In most cases, you can enable this functionality by visiting the Storage tab of Settings, and clicking + Add Folder and Browsing to your iTunes music folder. If you select the option to Import iTunes Content, make sure your iTunes Music Library.xml file is in this folder.”

The Roon support article you’re referencing is about 3 years out of date. Apple no longer has a dedicated playlist xml file for their Music app. Information about your Music database is stored inside the Music Library packaged file inside your home folder ~Music/Music/Music Library. To see the files, right click on the Music Library file and select Show Package Contents. My guess is that the Library.musicdb file contains the playlists. It appears this Room feature is not on the development team’s radar.

Apple’s music app (at least the current version in Ventura) allows exporting the database as an .xml file (in the “File”-menu). Has anybody tried to use this file when importing music to Roon? Success?