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I want to move all my playlists from my only computer to my new Roon core. How do I do that?

Thanks Ged. Was hoping you would also be able to help with this. Yesterday I mounted an external HD to my sonictransporter i9 music server. There was only one folder that contained all the lossless files I wanted Roon to be able to access. Instead, somehow, Roon imported EVERY music file on that HD and now my library is a mess. I have all kinds of duplicates, for instance the album Rush “Fly by Night” has two albums that are exactly the same (both labeled “New”) plus a lossy version from an old iTunes backup. I only need to one lossless AIFF album. Basically, I want to undo everything I did yesterday, removing everything that was added, so I can start over, and just import the contents of the “Lossless” folder into Roon. How do I do this?

Can you post a screenshot from Roon settings, storage?
Will look a bit like below but mine is off my phone app
What might have happened is that you have the top of the directory tree shared AND the music directory underneath it.

Can you click on the three dots next to Music Folder and see where it is pointing to ?

Don’t understand Ged. When I click the three dots, all I get is a drop down w options (force rescan, disable, edit or remove)

Edit that will show the path it’s pointing to. Take another screenshot.

I can’t read that on my phone. What’s the file path?
Like this

Nearly there :slight_smile: it was the Music Folder I wanted you to do.

Hi Ged. Would love to resolve this today. If you have a minute to review our message thread and lmk what the next step is, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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