Import playlists from "old Roon Core"

I moved Roon Core to another location after my NAS was damaged. Is it possible to recover my playlists? How? I am not able to log in again in the old place.

You don’t have a backup of the database and the old core (on the NAS?) is not working at all?

Unfortunately, I did not make a backup, and the motherboard does not work in the old NAS.

:frowning: I don’t know a way of getting to your Roon playlists then. Maybe they are saved somewhere in an accessible way and someone else has an idea.

If they are not internal Roon playlists but playlists that were imported from Qobuz or Tidal, you should have them in the streaming services and can sync them from there on your new Core.

Good luck!

P.S.: Always have a backup. I know it’s late for that and you know now, but take the time to do this on your new core

Hey @Krzysztof_Marciniak,

Unfortunately, @Suedkiez is correct in that without having a backup to restore, there is no way to recover playlists unless they’re tied to a third party outside of Roon.

I did want to share this help article for migration in case you may need it for future use:

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