Import playlists from other services

I have a similar question.
Before I spend money on Roon, I need to know how to import my Spotify, Deezer playlists.
But 4 years further and no reply.

This community doesn’t look very promising

Hey @David_Knowles,

Thanks for keeping this thread alive. This is clearly a case of better later than never - sorry we missed to reply to this one.

There is no direct way to import your Spotify or Deezer playlists, partially because none of these streaming services are integrated in Roon.

However, there is a workaround: if you plan on using a streaming service with Roon (TIDAL or Qobuz) you can use a free software like (for example) to import your playlists in TIDAL or Qobuz. These playlists can then be imported in Roon.

The best way to see if this would work for you is to actually give Roon a try. To start your free trial, you can simply navigate to your account page:

Cheers :musical_note:

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