Import Qobuz playlist and replace tracks with local ones

Hi, I’m running into something I can’t find a solution for.
I’m running plex media server for listening to my music out of home, and Roon at home.
When importing a playlist into plex (using Soundizz, but tried all available tools now), for example from spotify, it searches and replaces the spotify-tracks with local ones. But I can’t seem to find a way to import my playlists in roon, and let Roon search for the local tracks.
How do other people switch from spotify or another system to Roon, and keep using theyre playlist?
The problem now is that the only current solution I have, is to have a new Qobuz Subscription, so I can import my playlists there, to stream music from Qobuz, that is actually also in my local library.

I want to replace my streaming service with my own music server, but I think that’s not the way Roon is build or setup, am I wrong? Because I run into alot of issues (like out of home support is also a big lack).

Thanks for the help!

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