Import Settings to Recently Added

I use “prefer file” for my library imports. How do I get those settings to apply to recently added albums without having to go in and edit each one? Is there a way to consistently apply the settings I want?

Let me amend by stating that it does use the import settings except when it seems to arbitrarily decide to use its own grouping of a work.

Hi @Darryl_Roberson,

Just to verify, are you talking about applying that setting to files that were imported before you changed the library import setting?

Let me correct my original statements a bit. Those settings are applied except when Roon “decides” to group certain pieces of music, an action which can’t be controlled through import settings. And when they are grouped on import, the file names are ignored. I had forgotten this behavior when I made the original post. It would be nice to be able to turn this grouping off in the import settings.

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