Importation : Is it normal?

For the importation, I have choosen to keep Genres of my files (files metadata) rather Roon genres.

But, once importation is completed, I get both Genres : from my files plus from Roon.

Is it normal ?


That depends on your import settings and is documented in the KB-articles about Genres and Import Settings.

For the importation,

I have ticked ‘Use genres extracted from file tags’

I have unticked ‘Use genre from Roon’s metadata base’

So, I thought only genres extracted from file tags will be taken inot account ?

Yes, that’s correct. Please show an example of an album’s overview page and the ‘View File Info > File Tags’ window from a track thereof where this is not the case.
You can post screenshots here following these instructions.

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Hi @Stephane_Cherie,

For an album where you are seeing this, can you share a screenshot of the album in Roon as well as a screenshot of the file tags?

BlackJack, Dylan, thank you for your help.

I have double checked, actually when :

‘Use genres extracted from file tags’ IS TICKED

‘Use genre from Roon’s metadata base’ IS UNTICKED

Roon DOESN’T use its genres.

However, it seems Roon extracts genres from several tags of my (flac) files. In my (flac) files I have found at least two tags where there are genres : tag ‘Genre’ and tag ‘Style’. In the ‘Genre’ tag, there is only one genre, example ‘Chanson française’. In the ‘Style’ tag it can be several genres, example : ‘French’, ‘Chanson’, ‘Variété’ ….

I need to use only one genre, so I have deleted genres who are in ‘Style’ tag et keep ‘Genre’ where there is only one Genre.

Then I have Rescan my library, unfortunately it is not yet correct : several genres are still imported. One genre from ‘Genre’ tag, and others genres from I don’t no from which tag !

Any idea ?

ROON support, can you tell me from which tagS are imported genres when :

‘Use genres extracted from file tags’ IS TICKED

‘Use genre from Roon’s metadata base’ IS UNTICKED

If my English is not clear enough, feel free to ask me clarification.

Thank you

I have done the following test :

I have removed from my library the artist ‘Charles Aznavour’, rescan my Library --> Charles Aznavour is no longer in my library.

Then I have put back ONE track of Charles Aznavour in my library, then rescan.

Result : several Genres for Charles Aznavour : ‘Chanson française’, ‘French’, ‘French chanson’ while genre of the unic track of Charles Aznavour is only ‘Chanson française’ ----------------- See pictures ----------------

Your genre tags belong to the file (= track/song) but as Roon can’t handle individual genres for tracks atm, they get transferred up to the album. That’s it. That’s all that can be controlled by the switches in import settings. You don’t import Roon’s artist and composer entities from your files, they come always from Roon’s own metadata cloud. @mike already explained that in another thread some time ago. I added his explanation below.

I’m also a bit confused here as to how Monsieur Aznavour has the tags he has. @Stephane_Cherie has turned off genre metadata from Roon and so by default a new artist has no associated genres. (I’ve just checked this for my library)

Normally an artist does not inherit genres from an album they appear in, but here we have Chanson Francaise being assigned to M. Aznavour. So maybe things are different for a track credit? And this is the only track for him so where indeed have the other two genres, French and French Chanson come from?

EDIT @Stephane_Cherie did you click clean up library after deleting M. Aznavour? If not, I think Roon will remember information about him when it sees him again