Imported Files are Disappearing!

I exported my sooloos data to my NAS and then pointed the NAS to Roon. All worked well. Then I decided it best for me to created another folder on my NAS for a backup of my sooloos data. Of course I did NOT point Roon to this folder. Now I am sitting here watching all of by imports GO AWAY on Roon!!! One by one! I don’t know what is happening or why. All looks good and stable on my NAS. Has this happened to anyone???
Roon Team, what can I do?

Hi Tom, we have a sneaking suspicion that your NAS is mounted as AFP, when it should be SMB. You gave me logs last week for a separate issue and at the time your NAS was mounted as SMB, but we have experience with OS X silently remounting a NAS drive as AFP if it was unmounted at any point.

Give this a shot:

  1. Remove the NAS watched folder in Roon
  2. Unmount your NAS drive
  3. Open Finder and press cmd-k on your keyboard
  4. Type the address of the NAS as   smb://<ip address>
  5. Connect and mount the volume
  6. Re-add the NAS as a watched folder in Roon

Let me know if this works Tom, thanks for the patience!

Kevin, how do I find the ip address? I have the NAS attached via ethernet. sorry but I’m a novice with networks.

No worries – You need to scan your network, so go download WakeOnLan for OS X here. After you download and open the app, it will ask if you want to scan your network, click Yes, and a few moments later you’ll have a list of devices on your network with their associated IP addresses, and you should see your NAS on that list. Let me know how it goes!

Got it. Now that I have the IP address how can I tell whether its mounted as SMB or not? All seems to be OK (except I am still missing many albums that are on my NAS but not showing up in Roon) but is there some way I can verify that it is mounted correctly? Also, will I have to do this every time the NAS is unmounted (which occurred this time due to a power outage)?

Great! As long as you connected in this manner, you’re fine. And yes, if the NAS does happen to get unmounted again, that’s how you’ll always want to remount it.

As far as your missing files, can you provide a screenshot of the Storage tab in Settings? That would be very helpful!

Here you go, Kevin

Kevin, I can explain better what is happening to my missing albums. They all show up correctly when I look at the ALBUMS or ARTISTS groupings but many do NOT show up when I SEARCH for the Artist (Halestorm is the one I’ve been working with). When I do that, only TWO albums show up. Let me know what you think. It’s also interesting to me that when I search for the artist Halestorm I come to a completely different screen that when I’m in the Artists grouping and click on Halestorm.