Imported Tidal playlists issue

Hi, I am fairly new.
A few weeks ago I could select, shuffle,… my Tidal playlists.
Not anymore. Any clues?


No one has An idea?

Hi Steven,

Go to “Roon - Settings - Play actions” and see which actions you have enabled.

There is something broken in the iOS playlists. No ‘play from here’ despite it being selected. It’s possible that extends to shuffle. There’s a ticket on the subject with support.

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So, is it an iOS issue?
Is there a solution? Where can I find it? Settings playlist:

Geez. I must be blind missing that detail. Cheers Andy.

I was surprised a bug like that slipped through testing. Then I remembered that Roon don’t do testing. Hopefully it gets fixed before Roon 2.0

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Shots fired :rofl:

@steven_van_den_wouwe New Roon build released a few minutes ago. Update and restart everything and see if it fixes the issue. Although nothing about this in the release notes.

Yes, I’ve just done it and read the support notes. Also disappointed to see no mention of it in the release notes. Maybe there are separate release notes for iOS (remote) packages.

I remember well the export function that just didn’t function, it took 2 full point releases to address that.

I have updated but No luck :confused:

That really surprises me. How complicated is the programming setup within Roon or just understaffed?

This was functional for years, through many updates.

I imagine the software has been through quite a few changes since Sooloos, but it still gets mentioned in the logs!


Is that the only remote you have?

PS: Have moved this to the support section.

Yes, Roon is installed in my Qnap Nas and I only use it to play my Tidal playlists.
I play it on my Cambridge 851n network player. Iphone as a remote

I have logged out of Roon and Tital, uninstalled both apps, reinstalled and logged in and apparently it fixed my problem

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