Importing a Sooloos backup disk (USB 3.0)

Roon Core
Catalina on 2018 Mini. WD USB3 hard drive.
WD portable drive(~ 7-8 yrs old)

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Description Of Issue
I tried copying My backup disk to a Catalina hard drive where I have most of my music.

Previously, When I moved from Sooloos backup on Windows, significant number of disks didn’t migrate.

I recently turned up another Sooloos backup on a portable WD drive.

After copying the files to a MAC drive I tried pointing Roon to it, but it didn’t recognize any of the files.

How do I go about importing it? And, since it’s of the music is a duplicate of what has already been migrated, will it ignore them?

I’ve looked around the User Guide and postings but haven’t stumbled on an answer.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Pluto,

This is not recommend, the best way to migrate is to perform a Sooloos Native Export … this way the music files and folders will have human readable names and in a format that yields a higher Roon identification rate.

I know it takes a while for Sooloos to complete the a Native Export (I did it myself years ago now) but it’s definitely the way to go.

Another tip, do not point Roon at the files until the bulk transfer is complete… as seeing the files being written one by one can sometimes confuse Roon and lead to fragmented albums or again poor identification.

I had a native export on my Windows machine. Nevertheless quite a number of CDs failed to move to the MAC. I just happened to come across this backup. Sounds like it’s useless?

I really didn’t know what to do with it so
I just copied to the Mac and pointed a Roon to it. Waste of time.

Just wondering if this a Sooloos bavkup has any value?

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