Importing cda tracks

I am importing lots of CD’s into my ROON Library. I have encountered files with the tag cda. I understand that cda is merely a flag to a point on a CD where a track starts. They are not an actual file type and might therefore point to a file of any type. I cannot see what the type is from within Windows 7. I would like to know the file type before import. How do I do this.

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Hey Geoff,

You can read a little more about CDA files here, but it sounds like you’re familiar with the general idea.

You’ll need to use a ripping program to copy the files to whatever storage device you’re using for your Roon library. On Windows, I like dBpoweramp.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

In Sooloos I placed a CD in the Control 10 it came up on the window and gave me the opportunity to correct any errors I am running trial on all in one touch screen Windows 10. When I put a CD in optical drive nothing happens. Do I need “ripper” to rip the CD to my Qnap?

Correct, Roon does not include CD ripping functionality at this time.

There are a lot of great apps out there that include this functionality, so you’ll need to use one of those in order to rip to your NAS, then they’ll show up in Roon.

Can you recommend an easy to use ripper for a Mac & Windows?