Importing Collections Optimally--Observations and Questions

There’s a questions buried in here, I promise!!! As background, Roon stopped working when I installed Build 21 on my mac, so I did what the Roon team recommends against and deleted the Roon library files and reinitialized and imported everything. I hadn’t realized how much data grooming I did in the few weeks since I started using Roon.

Imported everything all at once…disaster…mismatched artwork, mismatched tracks. Wiped it again and started over. Imported by Tidal favorites, let the mac settle down…perfect! Imported DSD rips, let everything sort itself out, cleaned up a couple of things. Then I imported my CD rips and did a bit of data/artwork grooming. Near perfect.

SO…Here’s the questions to the Roon team or others…

What’s the best way to import music tracks and music collections to maximize metadata and artwork hits and minimize the need to edit? I proved to myself there’s a better way. What’s the best way?

Hey @AvilleAudio – lots of great info in this thread. Give it a read and let us know if you have any more questions ok?