Importing from Rose HiFi

I have several hundred cds ripped to my ssd in my HiFi Rose 150b. How do I get my nucleus to see this drive? I do not ave my cds burned to any computer

If it has a samba network share you need to add that to Roons storage as a watched folder. But in this model your pulling from the rose to the Nucleus and then it pushes back to the rose for output. So your getting two network hops and adding more traffic in /out of the streamer. Personally I would have the files local to the Nucleus to avoid this by copying them to a simple USB drive and plug it in to the Nucleus.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to add network folders in the Roon knowledge base accessible from the support section of the app.

If these were DSD512 files (which Roon for some reason refuses to stream to Rose as-is) I’d just leave them on the Rose. But if they are CD rips, just move them over to wherever your Roon library is.

The fastest way would be to take the SSD out, plug it into a computer, and copy locally, but if you do not want to bother with that, follow instructions in Rose manual that @ged_hickman1 posted above and copy them over to something local to your Roon server. If you have both systems on wired Gigabit ethernet it should be reasonably quick.