Importing music being extremely slow after large amount of albums

Hi there,

I have already imported 50K more albums into my library, but since that, importing music has been extremely slow (less than one album in 10 mins). I checked the roon core service system resource, it used more than 7GB memory (total 26GB in my roon core computer) and CPU is at 60% more of the total usage.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the importing process? It was very smooth in the beginning, one album in few seconds…

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps you be specific about your system core hardware and OS version. Also if you have music analysis turned on or or not.

Hi Wizardofoz & @support,

Thanks for your reply. I am running Roon Core 1.3 (build 259) 64bit on Win10 with i7 6770HQ & 26GB ram & whole system SSD storage with more than enough space. Music is save on my NAS (Synology DS2415) connected to Roon Core via gigabyte eithernet.

I stopped the Music Analysis (throttled) after the importing process seems to be slow.

I checked the import process icon on the top right running circle, is shows:
Adding Music to Library: of 756909 tracks, 848 added, 847identified

Meantime, I already have 720658 tracks imported.

Is there any performance limitation on the album quantity imported?

Thanks again!

Hey @Jaosn_Huang – sorry for the trouble here.

This is probably one of top 5 or 10 biggest collections we’ve seen reported – I think running your Core on Windows is a good idea, and while I think you’re going to have slower performance than someone with say, 75k tracks, I think you should be ok after the initial import.

When music is importing, Roon is not only extracting audio and file tags, but the music is also being identified by our metadata service. The system is built to compete the import process as quickly as possible, so this can be performance intensive even on smaller collections – for a library of this size, I would absolutely expect things to slow down as you get further along.

Now, 10 mins per album does sound exceedingly slow. If you’ve already rebooted things and restarted your Core, I would let it run overnight, and if things don’t seem to be progressing we can grab some logs and take a look.

Congrats on having collected so much music. What genres make up the bulk of it?

Hi @mike,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I did reboot the system, but after rebooting, Roon core has to scan the NAS all over again, which also a heavy task I guess. That why I won’t reboot it often.

However, it did help after rebooting the core, now it’s adding albums at 1 per 5~10 secs, which looks fine to me… I already imported 770K tracks while another 750K tracks still pending.

Regarding the performance, it was amazing fast in the first 50K which competed within 24 hours, I would say Roon is the best audio analysis system I have ever tried!

My personal collections are mainly Classical & Jazz music.

PS: I found my roon importing jammed again after 50K tracks added, trying to reboot again…

Hi @mike,

I rebooted my computer (with core on it) again after 50K tracks imported & jammed, now it’s back to work again. Will large amounts of cache caused the issue? Repeatedly rebooting is not a good solution for me, considering the re-scan process is another hassle.

Hi @Jaosn_Huang ---- Thank you for your continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience. My apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, I would like to get a set of your logs over to our techs so we can have a closer look into this behavior you’re experiencing. With this in mind, may I very kindly ask you to please follow the instructions found here and upload us a set of logs from the device hosting your Roon core.


Hi @Eric

Thank you very much for looking into the issue. I do have to reboot my Roon every 60~70K tracks imported to have the speed back. Although, my extraordinary large library (total 1,600K tracks) is not common, but I truly appreciate your help to solve the issue!

Here is the log~

Hi @Jaosn_Huang ---- Thank you for the follow up.

Moving forward, I took a look at the provide logs and they are actually your “RAATServer” logs. Would you mind re-supplying your “Roon” logs and we’ll see if we are able to determine what could be causing the hang up.


Hi @Eric,

Sorry for my mistake, here is the logs of Roon Server, thanks in advance!

Hi @Jaosn_Huang ----- No worries :wink: Thank you for the follow up, confirming that your Roon logs have been received and are in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech staff.

Once my report has been updated and passed back, I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you ASAP. Your patience is very appreciated!