Importing music - best practice

I’m currently trialling Roon and have been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. I do have a question about importing music though.

I haven’t ripped much of my CD collection yet, so I’ve just started. Since I don’t have much music stored on my network, I simply created a Roon folder on my NAS and pointed Roon to it - and have set it to be a Roon organised folder.

Initially, I dragged ripped discs to the Roon folder and waited for them to show up in Roon. Not all of them showed up and some were split into two or three separate albums. On reading the FAQs further, it seems the correct way to add music to Roon is to drag and drop the files onto the Roon app. I did that, but it takes an absolute age to import albums this way (over an hour for 6 discs versus a couple of minutes the other way).

Which is the best way to add music - drag and drop to the Roon folder or onto the Roon app?


Hi John,

what software are you using to rip your CD’s ?

Personally, I would ensure that the ripping app was tagging correctly and simply save rips to a folder on your NAS.

I would set that folder as a watched folder.

Roon will then pick up your new ripped CD’s as and when you create them.

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Thanks - I’m using dBpoweramp.

I’ll try with it being a watched folder over the weekend.