Importing music from hard drive to Nucleus+

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Roon Nucleus+ 790 build

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Description Of Issue

Connected hard drive; music files moved to Roon library. However, message says all 6000+ tracks added, but 0 “identified”. Little circle at top of iPad screen has been spinning for over 24 hours. No metadata on any of the imports shows up, just gray disc image and title.

Also, when I attempt to delete an unwanted album, I cannot; screen says

I do not have permission to alter hard drive.

Can you advise?

Did you add an external USB drive? And, if so, was it originally on a MAC and formatted in HFS+ format?

Thanks for the response. My CDs were ripped, by a third party, onto a standard Seagate drive;
the Seagate drive lived attached to my Mac, as you supposed. I have no idea what format was used by the folks who ripped the CDs onto the drive. Can you figure the problem based upon this limited information? I have since unplugged the drive from the Roon Nucleus+. Interesting to me that all of the imported music promptly disappeared from my Roon library, so it was not permanently imported. Your thoughts are appreciated.

This is expected behaviour - you’ve removed the drive, so Roon understands that the content is no longer in your Library, and has revised the size of your collection accordingly.

If you reconnect the drive, the content will be restored.

If that drive was in HFS+ format, that would explain why you can’t add new albums to it while it is connected to the Nucleus. This Help article states:

Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only, which means that the Nucleus will not be able to make changes or store new music on the USB drive.

I suspect that Roon is still analysing the tracks - this can take time.

One other thought occurs to me - if metadata is not coming in to your Library, this may be indicative that the Nucleus+ is not able to communicate with Roon’s Cloud services for some reason. Can you describe your network setup? Thanks.

Thanks again. I understand about not being able to add music to the disk drive.
And have no real interest in doing so.
But after a pretty long stretch (hours), none of the imported files (6800 tracks) had been analyzed. You may be onto something about the communication between Nucleus+ and the Roon cloud, as I have recently had network problems, now resolved.
My plan is to try again soon, now that the internet connection is sorted out.
I’ll report when I do.


Hi @Steven_Brooks

Just checking in to see how things are going now that your internet issues have been sorted. Let us know!