Importing Music Library

I have a File Folder In “My Music” called “Test Music” with sub folders. The Roon doesn’t import this Test Music folder. Where do I edit the Roon import settings to recognize and import this folder and more importantly the various music files. I understand Roon doesn’t work by file structure but by XML tags. My question is how do I tag the music files in the Test Music folder, which the Roon software doesn’t see? I followed several topics on this issue but nowhere found a hands on instruction, only a general description of How to Tag which gets me nowhere.


Settings > Storage > Add Folder

After music from your folder is imported, you should be able to edit and apply tags. To be clear, tags applied in Roon are used only to organize and search for files in your Roon library, they do not alter your music files in their storage location.

Thanks…works great

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