Importing Music

Hi Roon Staff,
I’m sorry for my bad English
I try roon in these days.
I have an hard drive with a folder with my digital music, about 2600 albums organized.
I used this folder with other player an music library like swinsian and loop for vox.
When I set this folder like watched folder in swinsian and vox I can see all the albums in their library.
I try the same with roon. It start to import all my albums from this folder but it stop at 1200 albums. I can’t see in roon library a lot of my albums.
Could you help me to import all my music…
I think that roon is very wonderful player and music library and I’d like to buy the year but I need to import all of my music into roon in order t use it.

Thanks a lot
Kind Regards



Are all the files in the same format? E.g. FLAC or MP3


Hi @Emanuele_Baldo,

Just to expand on what Matt was mentioning, you can find a list of supported file formats here.

Roon doesn’t currently support multichannel files (that’s coming though). Are any of your files multichannel (stereo is OK obviously) ?

Hi Matt, Hi Andrew,
in my music library there’s MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, and some .APE + .CUE.

The 95% are MP3, AAC and FLAC and it seems strange that load only 1200 of 2600.

I want let you know that in the top right always remain the “turning circle” (sorry for the bad english).
If i click on the circle I expand a window with 3 voices: the first and the second are ok (with green v), the third, that I think it was the loading of the tracks, continue to loading remaining on 0 to xxxxx, never ending.

Thanks a lot.

Kind Regard