Importing my Tags to a spreadsheet or list

I am on Qobuz Beta. I already did the Tidal to Qobuz transfer on Soundiiz. Many albums were missing.

Now with both Qobuz and Tidal integrated to Roon, it is almost impossible to tell what album in my Tags is from Tidal or Qobuz, unless I checked one by one.

Soooo… is there any way to export my tags to a List or spreadsheet, so that when I turn off Tidal, I know what I would be missing on Qobuz?

Do you mean in tags or in your library?

Soundiz has some export to spreadsheet features. I is those for my tidal/qobuz titles and roons export feature for local. With a little excel-skills you can then combine them into a single sheet. You’ll need to manipulate a few columns but it works.

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Yes. Sorry I did not specify. My tags

I will certainly explore this, but I don’t see how this applies to MY tags in Roon. I have tags for my own library (ripped CDs), but I also have separate tags for Tidal stuff exclusively, such as Tidal_MQA, Tidal_Folk, Tidal_Metal, and so on.

I see i thought you were looking to determine what titles from you’re library we’re in tidal vs quboz.

Roon does not export to file tidal or (I assume) quboz titles. So it won’t export your tags for those files either.

High on my wish list is for roons export function to include streaming titles as well as local.

To put it in simpler terms, I am simply looking to exports a list or spreadsheet with the album names (and artist) that I currently have under each of my Tags

open the tag, select all, three dot menu, export, select spreadsheet

I have no idea how you did “select all” and where Export is on the drop down menu. Even if I select them one by one, I don’t see any “Export” on my iPad Roon app controller

I suspect you’re seeing another example of how the Roon UI is crippled on smartphones and iPads (which don’t expose a file system to export an Excel spreadsheet to).

Can you use a PC or a Mac to do this export on?

And the Export to Excel function will include your locally-defined Tags…

I can. I will certainly try it on my PC later today. I have a PC but never use it for Roon, so I will have to install it first

OK, once you’ve created your spreadsheet, and open it in Excel, you’ll find that Excel will complain that the file format and extension don’t match, but go ahead and open it anyway (Roon actually creates a file in XML format, but puts the Excel file extension on it).

You can set the Filter function in Excel on the cell columns, and then display a list of albums for each selected Tag…

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