Importing Playlist Issue, Playlist created on computer not available on Roon hosted on a QNAP server

I have over 100+ playlist created with JRivers on a Mac tower (OSX 10.11.6) with local raid storage. I have the data set duplicated on a QNAP 1272 NAS. I exported all the playlist as mu3 simple format.

I am struggling with where to put the playlists.

My folder structure on the Mac is Flacs>Masters >(band folders)
My folder structure on the Qnap is -Music>Masters >(band folders)

  1. I tried creating a folder inside the “-Music” folder called “Playlist” and telling Roon to import but this is a fail.

  2. I tried changing the file paths with in the playlist but this is a fail.

  3. I put the Playlist in side the “Masters” folder but this is a fail.

This shouldn’t be this hard! Roon wizards I should be able to choose a folder to store Playlist in and as long as I resolve the file paths with a text editor all should be good.

What is the secret hand shake to make this happen?

When you have just under a million songs playlist are a critical part in accessing the collection. JRivers does this great as mention in another thread with smart Playlist in addition to regular ones. Its way faster to create these in JRivers! So an ideal workflow would be to

  1. Create a list in JRivers
  2. Export to my Roon “Playlist” folder
  3. Have Roon resolve file paths or I do that with a text editor



All of my playlists were created in jriver and all have accurately been scanned by roon.

The are all located in the \Music\Playlists folder on my nas.

What is the file structure of your files when you open a playlist with a txt viewer? It could be that it is looking in the wrong place.

Granted im on windows but mine all match the following format which will look for files in the same directory:

…\Dinosaur Jr\Beyond\01 Almost Ready.flac

Hello Kevin,
I believe my setup has an added layer. Your system JRivers and Roon both are on the windows machine? Mine are on two different machines.
Where does the playlist go?

Here are the two file paths 1 is the Mac 2 is QNAP

  1. **/Volumes/Raid/?FLACs/**Masters/Smash Mouth/All-Star Smash Hits/16 - I’m A Believer.flac
  2. **/Volumes/-Music/**Masters/Ben Harper/Welcome To The Cruel World/05 - Waiting On An Angel.mp3

If I change “/Volumes/Raid/?FLACs/” to “/Volumes/-Music/” it does not help.
or is it where the playlist lives?

The problem is I have a duplicate set of files on the QNAP but
JRiver is running off the Mac file set and
Roon is running off the Qnap file set
Obviously, the file paths are different but I am trying to understand where you place the “Playlist” files so that they can resolve to the altered file path m3u that I modified.


Peter - sorry if i wasn’t clear. My setup is multiple machines as well. My Jriver installation is on my main PC and my Roon library is on my NAS.

I keep two copies of my library 1 on the main PC and the primary copy on the NAS (which is what Roon points to). When i export the playlist from jriver I believe if you click the box store paths relative to export to playlist location you should be fine. See the picture below:

My playlist folder lives at the same directory level as my artists folder. in my case it is \NAS\Music\Playlists. The playlists itself is looking for the file location under the artists folder. So in my example above the track lives at \NAS\Music\Dinosaur Jr\Beyond\

I think what is happening is your playlist files are looking for the location in example 1 when they should be looking for the location in example 2. By choosing the option above and creating a playlist folder at the same level as your artist folders it should then look for the relative location, ignoring everything above the artist folder.

Hey Kevin,

I did try that and many other ways.
I tried so many combinations I am burnt out from something that should be really simple. I am at a loss. I few tracks that I did get to work with a small test folder when I follow that successful file path and try to apply to my main “Master” folder of music its a FAIL.

There must be some bugs. I had a file path for the music
-Music>_Test>Masters> (bands)

I had two file paths for playlist
A -Music>_Test>Playlists> (playlist is here)
B -Music>_Test> (the playlist was on the same level as the “Masters” folder)

Both of these worked for a while then the “B” playlist not in the “Playlist” folder stopped working.

  1. I tried to point these to the “Masters” folder in my MAIN music folder, not the test and FAIL.
  2. I tried moving playlist to mimic what worked in the “_Test” folder and nothing will work on my main “Masters” folder, not in the “_Test” folder



Hi @Peter_McCabe ---- Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the troubles here.

In order for Roon to properly import an M3U file, the following must be in place:

  • In the “storage location editor”, “Playlist Import” must be enabled.

  • Include tracks from the same watched folder. Tracks from other watched folders will be ignored - tracks can be stored anywhere in the watched folder where the M3U is stored, but the contents of an M3U playlist cannot span multiple watched folders.

  • Does not exactly match the track list of the directory the M3U is stored in - if you have a playlist stored in a folder with an album, and that playlist is simply a listing of the album’s tracks, it will be skipped.

  • (As you are aware) If you have moved your media or your M3U file, or if you think M3U is being ignored by Roon, you should open the M3U in a text editor and confirm that the path for a given song matches the path for that track displayed in Roon.

Moving forward, let’s say I have the following in place:

Computer A: Contains my library and I am using additional software on this device to create playlists/export from the content making up my music collection on this computer.

Computer B: Has a copy of the same library that is on “computer A” but Roon is watching THIS library.

  • In order to get a playlist generated by “computer A”, to functional properly (with Roon) on “computer B”…

  • The m3u file from “computer A” must reside in the same watch folder that you library is being accessed from on “computer B”.

  • When the playlist is brought over to computer B, the file paths must be edited to reflect the new storage location and it’s folder structure, so Roon can properly resolve them.

Lastly, you mentioned that you had tried the following test scenario (see below) and things had been working for a period of time, but eventually “stopped working”. I want to have a better understanding of this failure, so if you could please provide some further insight it would be very appreciated!

There must be some bugs. I had a file path for the music
-Music>_Test>Masters> (bands)

I had two file paths for playlist
A -Music>_Test>Playlists> (playlist is here)
B -Music>_Test> (the playlist was on the same level as the “Masters” folder)

Both of these worked for a while then the “B” playlist not in the “Playlist” folder stopped working.


I know this is an old topic but I think adding this comment may help people in the future.

When Roon documents or support say “if you have a playlist stored in a folder with an album, and that playlist is simply a listing of the album’s tracks, it will be skipped.”

What they should really say is if you store a playlist in the same folder as an album it will not work. If you move the playlist back one level Roon will import it correctly (as long as the paths are explicit or retaliative to the location.


/Durutti Column/LC/Original_Tracks.m3u
1.01 - Sketch For Dawn, Pt.1.flac
1.02 - Portrait for Frazier.flac
1.03 - Jacqueline.flac
1.04 - Messidor.flac
1.05 - Sketch For Dawn, Pt.2.flac
1.06 - Never Known.flac
1.07 - The Act Committed.flac
1.08 - Detail for Paul.flac
1.09 - The Missing Boy.flac
1.10 - The Sweet Cheat Gone.flac

Fails to import.

/Durutti Column/Original_Tracks.m3u
LC\1.01 - Sketch For Dawn, Pt.1.flac
LC\1.02 - Portrait for Frazier.flac
LC\1.03 - Jacqueline.flac
LC\1.04 - Messidor.flac
LC\1.05 - Sketch For Dawn, Pt.2.flac
LC\1.06 - Never Known.flac
LC\1.07 - The Act Committed.flac
LC\1.08 - Detail for Paul.flac
LC\1.09 - The Missing Boy.flac
LC\1.10 - The Sweet Cheat Gone.flac

Imports correctly.

Note: My playlists were never just a list of the album tracks, they were a subset of the tracks.

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