Importing playlists but only some of them

Hi guys , so I’m new here … and I’m trying to see how I can overcome an issue I have with Importing playlists.

My current setup is:

  • L:\Music [all my audios are here]
  • L:\Playlists [all my official playlists are here]

So, after reading the guides , and trying for myself, playlists from L:\Playlists will not show up, since they are not under the same path as the music files.

The solution I though of is to create a copy of those playlists under a subfolder under L:\Music … but my problem is that in my music folder there’s also thousands of other playlists that I don’t want to see in the Roon UI … they are scattered all across the music folder, not inside of a specific sub folder … let’s call those playlist unofficial playlists.

My questions is, can anyone help with a workaround for this, so that Roon could display the official playlists, while excluding the unofficial ones?

As an alternative , I think Roon should allow us to import playlists, although the audios are not within the same shared folder path … like any other media player out there!

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