Importing Playlists

Can’t find answer in your support items. I have Tidal and Roon. A friend emailed me a list of several playlists he has on his Tidal. (example: In my email, it looks like a link. Can I import the playlist(s) from this link? How would I do this?
Tom Maulhardt

Hi Tom,

Yes, in the Tidal app, click on the heart icon to favourite it. After the next Roon Sync, it will show up in your Roon Playlists.

Cheers, Greg

What is the approximate frequency?

In Roon, go to the Tidal Browser on the left side of the screen. Then tap or click the circular arrow at the top of the screen and that will force a sync.

Cheers, Greg


To expand a bit on @Greg’s comment you can force the TIDAL sync in two ways:

  1. Selecting the sync in Roon Settings -> Services -> Edit Next to TIDAL -> Sync Library Now

  2. From the GUI circular arrow:


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