Importing Sonarworks DSP profiles to Roon

So I use Sonarworks reference 4 for room EQ with my monitors.
Unfortunately they do not have any option for automatically changing sample rate with their software, and judging by responses on their forum they have no interest in adding a feature like that or ASIO support.

I wanted to ask, would it be possible to make it so we can import sonarworks EQ profiles into roon?
Right now I’m having to go based on trying to copy by hand the profile into roon.

Im not sure if there would be technical or legal/IP ownership issues but if not this would be an amazing feature.

I know you can import Room EQ wizard info. But the sonarworks reference measure software is a LOT more streamlined to use :stuck_out_tongue:


Has there been any comment from them on their forum about being able to export profiles?

Or feature requests by others?

I would love to see support for Sonarworks in Roon. It would provide added value to both headphone users and those listening through speakers.

Yeah, I would like to +1 for importing Sonarworks profiles.
Seems weird to go on about the sound quality, but not give users the ability to fully optimise the Roon software.