Importing Sooloos library with edited info

I have just subscribed to roon and I am currently importing my music library from sooloos. I have around 75000 tracks to import and quite a few of them are Greek music and artists.

As sooloos did not recognise my Greek music as expected (many albums where in latin characters and others were badly listed), I had cleaned it up and named everything in a proper way. During import into Roon artists, albums and tracks are changed arbitrarily and makes me handling the library very difficult. Some artists are in both greek and latin writing and so its impossible to manage the music.

Any ideas?

Have Sooloos write your edits out to tagged files using the export feature.

Then go into Settings -> Library -> Import Settings and adjust your metadata preferences.

For each of the track/album fields that we get from file tags, you can set it to “prefer Roon” or “prefer File”. This way you can use the text from the files while keeping any extended metadata that Roon adds.

You can also set this up on a per-album/track basis if you just want it for a subset of your library.

ok. Thanks. I will see how it goes. The problem is that this issue affects only part of my library and the rest is OK. While importing from the export directory it is difficult to have any control as it import thousands of albums.

By the way, is there a way to avoid importing an album into Sooloos, then exporting it to the export directory and then importing into Roon?

Can I use Roon to import an album from another folder into my Library Folder and let Roon sort out naming etc?

You can set up prefer-file behavior on a track-by-track/album-by-album basis, too if you don’t want it for your whole library.

Use focus to zero in on the set of tracks or albums that need it. Then multi-select the tracks, edit, and apply the settings using the “metadata preferences” tab.

Sure, just add the other folder in settings->storage.

I probably did not express myself correctly. I meant if I have to add a new cd, do I need to add it to Sooloos, then export it to the Sooloos export directory and then add it to the Roon Library or is there a cd import function within roon.

Equally, if the CD has been ripped onto my HD how do I add it to the Roon library?

Roon does not have built-in CD ripping support.

You could use Sooloos to rip like you described, but most people use ripping software on a computer–dbPowerAmp is a popular choice.

That is the question I was answering above–to do this, you would add the folder with the rips in settings->storage.

Many thanks.

Does Roon support export to ipods, flash drives etc so that I can export playlists and music to listen to in my car, via ipod?

Roon does have an Export feature, that you can use to export albums or playlists to folders on your computer. Details are here.

Just note that you’ll need to take the exported content and copy it to your flash drive, or iPod, or whatever – right now, Roon does not sync directly to iPhones or Android devices, although we do hope to add that functionality in the future.

Sorry for the string of questions but I am totally excited about roon and have gotten back into digging in to my music.

Is there a quick way to list all the albums based on the quality (i.e. mp3 vs flac) in order to rescan the mp3 albums in flac and upgrade the quality of my music library?

Yes it can be done using focus and then format this will let you pick the format to show or exclude, very similar to the way Sooloos does it.

I am using the export function on my Sooloos system as you suggested to maintain all my music in directory that I then get Roon to read from. While I am maintaining my music files (i.e. deleting lossy files and replacing them with MQA or CD quality files) i am seeing discrepancies.

Could you help me understand how the export function works on the sooloos system? I know I should be asking Meridian about this but their support is not up to par and I got immediate and accurate responses from you before.

At some I pressed the button Scan for Problems and it said that it unchecked some files for export because they were deleted (or something like that). How can I reset this?

The problem I have is that the information button in Control PC indicates that I have 83500 tracks in my library while Roon says it has imported 81270 tracks. What has happened to the rest?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for insisting but can you support me on this issue or is it outside the scope of your support?

@Michalis_Papaeconomo In the settings option in Roon under General have you got ‘show hidden tracks and albums’ set to yes or no?

It is set to yes.

Why the radio silence?

Hi Michalis

Suggest you use the tools on the Meridian user forum to interrogate your library in Sooloos.

Then use the XL export of Roon.

Compare the two and see what is missing.

It is a bit tedious to do but it will show you what you are missing. Then you can start to figure out why that might be.

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Can’t seem to find what you are suggesting. Can you provide a link?

Many thanks in advance.

Sooloos tools on Meridian forum

The tool I refer to is the library interrogator. However, please bear with me as the recent server migration of that forum appears to have broken the download link. Hopefully I will get that fixed asap.

In the meantime, run the Track level XL list for your Roon library and familiarise yourself with what that shows.


The link is fixed.

Info Here

Thanks @duncan