Impossible to deal with multidisc collections

Since yesterday evening I have been trying to copy a collection of Dvorak Symphonies. There are six discs. These were manufactured by Deutsche Grammophon in late eighties or early nineties, I think. It seems that in 2014, DG reissued the collection together with symphonies by Beethoven, Schumann and others. When I start with disc number one, Roon misidentify the record as belonging to the 2014 collection. I re identify the disc and Roon gets the appropriate cover and tracks. However, the 2014 cover remains even when I identify the original cover as primary. Then I copy disc number 2. This time it identifies it correctly but instead of grouping into the collection, it creates a separate disc. So I merge and, surprise, it changes the cover to the 2014, I loose the primary I identified and it creates 4 discs of the 2014 collection with discs and tracks that do not exist.

I have been trying by all means possible to solve this problem, and it seems that it is impossible under the current state of the Roon software. When I bought into Roon, I was expecting an easier way to deal with the software, but it seems that my expectations were not met. This is not a cheap software. It is expensive, and I expect much more from the Roon people. I have a business to attend, and I do not have time to deal with buggy programs. I am not going to tinker with the pieces of software to “edit” or to regroup or whatever. I expect Roon to provide a solution based exclusively on its own software. Otherwise, bye Roon, and I shall let the Music Server manufacturer of this sad state of affairs.

It may well be that in ripping these discs one at a time you are ending up with a structure that Roon finds difficult to deal with. If this is a box set, then the best structure is something along the lines of:

/Album Artist/Box Set Title/CD1
/Album Artist/Box Set Title/CD2
/Album Artist/Box Set Title/CD3
/Album Artist/Box Set Title/CD4

See the FAQ in the Knowledge Base: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly?

Personally, when ripping box sets, I first rip them into a working folder and ensure that the folder structure is correct. Once the ripping of the complete box set is done, then I copy the folder structure across into the Roon library.

Out of interest, what is the box-set called, and who are the artists?

PS - I’ve moved your post into the Support/Metadata Forum, where these issues are best addressed and others can help you get this sorted.

I still don’t fully understand this issue myself, but I think it’s a combination of how Roon may identify the discs AND how they are tagged while ripping. CDDB often has multiple entries for a cd, especially if it has been issued in a number of collections over the years. I find it’s essential to edit the album title to some that that is consistent for the whole set. Then if there are (obviously) multiple cds they should be correctly numbered. Even after doing this I must often “merge” multiple albums within Roon. Sometimes, I end up preferring the albums to be separate entries, but that seems an even more difficult task within Roon…am I correct? Once you merge with the editing function of Roon you can’t un-merge them? I wish roon had something a bit like Audirvana’s way of simply dragging a folder into a playlist area whether it’s a part of one’s permanent library, but then that could end up a bit of a mess, but at least it would be playable without doing so much organizing and correcting of metadata.

Yes, you can, it’s done via the Track Grouping Editor. Select the tracks you wish to have grouped into a separate album, and open the Track Editor.

Geoff has a good thought

If your folders are “CD1 - some text “ Roon will treat it as a Ann album rather than a part of the set

Just leave discs as CD1; cd2 etc it will help


Thanks for the tip!

That hasn’t been my experience. I have several multi-disc sets that are named like the below example and Roon sees them as belonging in a set, no problem. For example, I have a 6 disc Tchaikovsky set with directories named as below. Note - in my examples CD 1, CD 2, etc. come last in the directory name.

The directory scheme is -
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Tchaikovsky, The Symphonies CD 1/tracks
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Tchaikovsky, The Symphonies CD 2/tracks

Having said that, there is one set that I can’t stitch together no matter what I do and its directory structure is no different from the above.

It might have something to do with tags?

Hmm, just realized something. I also rip to an intermediate library and then copy to Roon library en masse. Because my music files are on a NAS, Roon isn’t updated until I force an update.

@Jose_Auger, if you don’t want to rename your directories try this -

Rip complete set to an intermediate library.
If your Roon library points to music files on a NAS then, after coping files to your Roon music directory, force a re-scan.
If your Roon library points to music files on a local drive, then before you copy music files, drop Roon, copy files, bring Roon back up.

If you don’t want to re-rip, copy files to another library, delete from Roon, and then do steps 2a or 2b, as apppropriate.