Impossible to Edit Search results

A missing feature:

I search for a song title because I want to consolidate its songwriting credits among the many versions I have. It used to be that I could do a title search, select the tracks I wanted, and apply the new composer credit.

Now, when I select a bunch of tracks, there is no Edit function available.

I think there is an ‘Edit’ button under 3dots menu shown on selection bar.

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No, there is not. Each of the tracks has an Edit function but there is no Edit for all selected tracks. Similarly, there is no longer a Merge Artists function after selecting more than one artist.

I moved this conversations to the separate thread, because I want to start troubleshooting.
First I should mention, that old design of search result page was returning library and non-library content in different sections, i.e.

Library Tracks | Tidal Tracks ( and so on for every category).

Now there is a chance that you are trying to edit library and non-library tracks. There are few ways how to avoid that.

  1. Set ‘Only Shown my Library’ to Yes > Select tracks > Press on 3dots button > Press ‘Edit’
  2. Check for source of the track. Tracks which are part of your library have this icon in front of the title (see below). If you try to edit a selection where there is at least one track without that icon, you will not get the ‘Edit’ button. image

As for the ‘Artist Merge’ - this looks like a bug! Thanks for catching this one.

@vova sorry I answered over you.
However, I can merge artists.

No worries. Thanks for helping out actually!

On the search result page ? Maybe this is a more complicated bug than I thought

Ahh no, not on that page. Sorry again

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I can confirm that it indeed works with library tracks, and is not an option if there is a non-library track.

However, I am getting a repeat in my track search. Notice I have 2 tracks repeated, it shows I have 1 track selected yet both tracks are highlighted. If I select 1 it also selects the other. I noticed this on another search where I had a result set repeated 4 times.

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This is a bug. We’ve reported it. Thanks.

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Ok, here’s an example of the Merge Artists bug…I searched for Paavo Jarvi. I have the “Only Show My Library” toggled to Yes. Here are two highlighted artists that should be merged. Nowhere is there a Merge Artists link. (Not under the three dots, you’ll have to take my word for it!)

No need to imagine. I think I got what you wanted to show…

Good so this is an official bug. I was trying to merge artists in search and that was not possible anymore. Hope it will get fixed soon.
Another strange thing is, that not all artists from my library show up under artists, but they are there when I do a search. So at the moment it is impossible for me to merge some artists.

It seems that after 1.6 update it’s not possible to merge artists?

i have 2 metropole orchestra’s. i’d like to merge them, but i cannot find the option to merge (at least, it’s not in the place it used to be.

as an aside: notice the nice geometric disposition of round grey bubbles of the new search page…

It will be available (top right corner) on the “Artists” page. Doesn’t seem to propagate in search

in roon 1.5 you could merge also in the search page (with the problem that you could merge artist with artist, or performer with performer, but not artist with performer…)

here, it seems that the search page, under artists, show primary artists and performers together.
anyway, the fact you cannot merge in the search results IS a problem…
in fact, in this particular case, the 2 occurrences of the Metropole Orchestra are both performers, and not primary artists.
and as Roon DOES NOT DISPLAYS (!!) performers, even though they are present in the library, how can i merge them?

I consider this a bug @staff @support

Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

I have merged your thread with this one, we are aware of this issue and are working on it.


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