Impossible to hide/delete a specific genre...bug?

Among other genres, I don’t want to see the “children’s” genre, so i’ve edited and deleted/disabled the children’s genre & subgenres from any artist Roon had tagged with these but for some artists (Ella Jenkins, Joe Raposo, etc.), it seems impossible to delete: Every time i delete/disable the children’s genre or subgenres, Roon reverts my edits: for example, i delete “Children’s” and “Educational”, Roon re-enabled “Sing-Alongs”, so i delete “Sing-Alongs” and then Roon re-enabled “Children’s” and “Educational”, etc. etc. etc.

It’s driving me mad, i even deleted all credits from these bugged artists but they’re still visible on my genre screen…

Am i doing something the wrong way or is it a nasty bug?

Thanks for your help…

Does simply using focus for those genres, inverting it to select everything but them and then saving this as a bookmark work?

No, it doesn’t work… simply because this genre doesn’t even appear in the genre focus…

And it’s the same for all the other genres i want to clean, like “Western European traditions” (sigh), “Religious”, etc.

Remove them from the focus screen but Roon doesn’t care about my edits and keep showing me these albums in genre view, artists view, albums view

Genre is a total mess and needs some work from roon because it’s imposiible to use for now.

I have same confuse.