Impossible to play this radio (Radio Sportiva)

Hi, I have added this italian radio but it is impossible to play through Roon:,aac

The URL is right and works perfectly but not in Roon…

Any idea?


Try this instead.

If that’s OK I’ll add the station to the database.


No, it does not work…


There’s a problem with adding streams to Roon at the moment. Please wait awhile.

I’ll post when ok.

Hello Roberto, I think I have managed to add this, but I’m not sure I’ve got the right sports sub-channel. Can you check please?
Radio Sportiva

Hi Brian,
I don’t understand, where did you add the URL? I cannot add the link that you gave to me.
I can add the Tunein URL that I linked in my first message but then it does not work on Roon.


Whoops. I’m an idiot.
Try now. Just use the magnifying glass

@Roberto_Borgese. Did you manage to get Radio Sportiva working?


No, it is still impossible to add the link that you provided.
I can add the TuneIn link but then it does not work.


OK now I understand what you meant with “magnifying glass”…! Sorry but english is not my language.

OK now I have found it and it works!



goditi la musica.