Impressed! DSD 512 on Core i3; Smooooooth

I’m a happy camper. My server with Core i3 didn’t miss a beat up-scaling to DSD512, glorious sound.

Though processing at 1.5x, cpu at around 34% on the server. Confirms to me when ready for upgrade to stick with Core i5 and not have to deal with the heat and noise of i7.

Oh, anyone interested in an inexpensive DAC, consider SMSL M7, just got it today. Well built, glorious sound. I suspect the headphone component is likely crap, not my problem, DAC is attached to Schiit Jotunheim and rocking on Sony MDR-ZIR headphone. I’m in heaven!!

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@kayo Is this with any type of endpoints playing at the same time? How are you setup? :slight_smile:
The setup makes a difference! :smiley:

  1. Roon Core on Windows Server 2016. Pic below is right now while upscaling to DSD512.

  2. DAC attached to Lenovo Core i5 Tiny desktop on my desk running a Roon Remote.
    All processing is done on the server. Also have a macbook and ipad running Remotes.

So one roon system playing and upscaling to DSD 512 right? Others are not playing?

Thanks for the answers!

One roon system (core on Windows server) upscaling to DSD512. Playing is done on a different pc running roon remote.

OK awesome. That’s what I thought. Is it possible you can test with multiple endpoints without scaling to those endpoints to see how it performs?
IE: upscale to one zone but the others leave them as is…

Thanks for the help!

Here you go.
Three zones playing. Up-scaling to DSD512 on one zone and normal playback (no upscale) to 2 zones.

CPU around 48%, more RAM usage.
DSP on the upscaled zone shows processing at 1.6x


Thanks for the info!

Your benchmarks and CPU utilization are very interesting to me.

I have a Mac Mini (i5), an iFi iDSD capble of 512 native, an iFI iDAC2 capable of 256 native, and an Schiit Modi capable of 192. I already have found out the Mac can’t handle 512. As an experiment I streamed a 256 stream to the iDSD and a 256 stream to the Schiit. Roon crashed. POS Mini probably at fault.

I bought, on Ebay for $150, a used dual Xeon server with 8 cores and 12 GB RAM, I’m waiting for it to arrive. Definitely overkill, but I’m going to set up Roon core on it.

Should handle everything I throw at it. Update coming.

Great, keep us updated!
Could the crash could have been due to 256 stream to Schiit? As Schiit don’t do DSD, one reason I’m never going to buy a schiit dac.
Also the ebay link on your server will be appreciated, might come in handy as I love to upgrade my server sometime.

Tons of servers on EBay. Mine was low grade Smartmicro motherboard, but do a search for Dell R710. Plenty of choices to give you upgrade fever. One I remember was dual Xeon with 48 GB RAM, and a couple of SAS drives for $250.

When going to the Schiit, Roon down samples. I would think that the Mini should have been able to do that processing simultaneous with the other stream.


My Specs:

ASRock Workstation Class MB: ASRock Rack: E3C226D2I
Internal Disk: Intel 510 SSD
CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz
RAM: Kingston Technology HyperX 16 GB Kit (2x8 GB) 1600MHz DDR3L PC3-12800 Non-ECC CL10 DIMM 1.35V Low Voltage XMP Desktop Memory KHX16LC10K2/16X
GPU: EVGA GTX 660 (With CUDA in mind)
CASE/PSU: EVGA Hadron Hydro
External SSD: MiniPro 1TB External SSD
iFi micro iDSD @ DSD512
iFi nano iDSD @ DSD128
Schiit Bifrost Multibit @ default and about to push it to DSD64…

Runs DSD512, DSD128 all at the same time while playing over to other endpoints with no issues. I am about to push it the server even further and see how well it handles it.

Schiit does DSD?

Did you build your AsRock workstation or bought preconfigured? I don’t live in USA, buying parts and building my own pc is too risky for me in case I got/bought wrong parts or I discover while building I overlooked something I need to get. I prefer preconfigured pcs/servers. Adding RAM and SSD is no problem but anything beyond that I don’t want to deal with.

To my understanding it does not, I was just going to try and convert using PCM and push the server and stress it as much as I can and see how far I can go. :stuck_out_tongue:
I build my own server.

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Do you have access to Amazon? If you want, they have all you need to build your own. Readily accept return of parts that were DOA.

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This! Its where I bought all my computer parts except my CPU because Microcenter (Local store) had it cheaper than anybody online even with taxes…

I certainly do and 99% of my purchases is done via Amazon. I ship for free (I have prime) to my address in Miami from where product is shipped to me in the Caribbean. Problem with DOA and missing parts is I would’ve already paid for shipping to the Caribbean, Customs fee and then I’m responsible shipping it back to usa.

BTW - I had an i3 that would easily do what the Mini failed on. The i3’s fan failed and fried the cpu and I haven’t replaced it, yet. I bought the Mini on a whim a coupla years ago and I’ve come to despise the hardware and macOS. Now when I turn it off and back on I get a kernel panic that I can’t get rid off.

That sucks that you have had so many issues.
I wanted to show you that there is no need for such powerful CPU’s. :smile:
On top of all this I run plex in the same server. Yes I know I am crazy… lol :stuck_out_tongue:
nonetheless you will have an amazing server coming up!

I honestly have never understood the romance of the iApple crowd. I have used 3 different MacBook Pros in the last 12 years, from the discontinued 17" to my present 13" pro, so I’m not anti-Apple in anyway. I just don’t get the big deal about them especially when it comes to freely operating my pc. I’ve always been in touch with Windows (I’m dead when it comes to Linux, i’ve tried many times but given up, just damn too much struggles to do simple things), and in the last 5 years Windows have all but eaten Apple for breakfast. My MBP 13" runs bootcamp and 90% of my time is spent in Windows in the last 2 years. When I’m ready to change laptop, I think it will be bye bye to apple world and their stupid closed ecosystem.