Impressed! DSD 512 on Core i3; Smooooooth

This I hear all the time yet I know of many DACs that won’t even do DSD on Mac but will do on Windows. As of USB 2, I don’t mind installing drivers on my Windows machine. Video editing? Mac world will swear by Final Cut Pro, I and many others will swear by Adobe Premiere Pro. Nothing is wrong with Macs, I use them and ios. They are just overpriced, overhyped and damn too restrictive.

I envy you and Linux users as that is a truly unlimiting os and free, I just can’t wrap my head around apt-get, sudo and the like just to do simple gui stuff :grinning:

I am not going to start a debate :smiley:
I leave you with this
Is not about software… It never has… You will one day understand… :wink:
apt-get, sudo, and the likes? Sounds like Ubuntu to me… :stuck_out_tongue: (A bastardize Linux variant) hehehehe I hope there is no hardcore ubuntu fans out there!

There is GUI for everything you said (except sudo which is a command)
A wise man once said. Son, Tell me what OS you use and I shall tell you who you are.

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Can you recommend a Linux variant to try? Maybe I will give it a go and see how far I can go.

And yeah, let’s leave the iApple debate alone.

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Any Linux Distribution will take some learning. :slight_smile:
Debian is a good start.
Ubuntu is a Debian spin but it has been cripple to no end…

Back in to track, Here is what I got so far…

Some swap and the system is just fine. Need to tweak the swap time.

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I also got netdata installed on this server.

Ill pull up a report and post it later once I really put some load on the server.

Nice. So when the Roon Core doesn’t have to handle local playback an i5 should be fine (even an i3 in your case).

I think the i7 MAY be needed for up-sampling to DSD512 when the Roon Core is doing both up-sampling to DSD512 and local playback via USB to a local USB DAC.

Except for a dedicated Linux Roon Core - I’ve seen a sonicTransporter i5 up-sampling to DSD512 and local USB playback, with a processing rate of 2.2x - but unlike your Windows Server, that Linux music server is only doing one thing and nothing else - dedicated to Roon. ROCK will be the same (but not fanless).

Ok here is Plex streaming a 1080p movie and Roon running doing DSD512, DSD128 and DSD64, plus playing to Sonos.

No issues, no skips, Just playing along :smiley:

I made a change to vm.swappiness to 10 from the default of 60 so linux wont swap as quick :slight_smile:


Which Linux variant are you using for Roon core? And is it a server of desktop version?
Between I’ve been making great progress on the Linux front in terms of learning and you’re right. Simply great, once it’s understood.

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I run Debian Jessie x86_64. Linux is actually multi user driven which means no matter which version you run the OS is server capable. What Ubuntu and Fedora and all this mainstream distro have done is that they do the leg work for you and call it “Server and Desktop”… They are the same but customized to an extent for you so you don’t have too.

I am glad you are getting to know your new OS. Trust me you won’t regret the time invested!
I usually do minimal install and optimize my servers to my needs and requirements for the specific task. Keep it up!

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What is this system monitor?

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Whaooo! Got it running!!

Need another help.
How do I fix the swap memory so it doesn’t use much of it? I get warning “ram in swap = 53.2% of RAM”. I’ve got enough physical memory, don’t need my system using that much of swap.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

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ssh to your Linux box and run “free -m” (No quotes) and post here.

I must mention I’m running in a Hyper-V with dynamic memory allocation. Don’t know if this is why it’s using so much swap. I can easily allocate enough static physical memory instead of dynamic, if that will be the solution.

Yeah I was right. The problem is the dynamic memory allocation. I have another vm running (as part of my lab test) on static memory of 8 Gig and the swap allocation is zero while Roon is doing DSD 128 upsampling.

@kayo I am out and about… as soon as I get home I’ll help u.

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@kayo u need more memory than that and you need to double your swap. We can tell Linux not to swap so quickly by applying the change in posted a few posts ago…


Did you solve your problem?

Ah Just saw you got it solved.

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If you’re still using i3, could you please check the processing speed with upsampling to DSD512 after updating Roon to the latest version? Asking because of this:

Thank you.

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