Improve Displays to allow scrolling track info

I use the Display feature to output the album and artist images, track info and lyrics. This works great, EXCEPT for most classical music. I generally do not see the detailed track info as the space allocated is small but the track info, especially for Classical music, can be very large. It would be nice to have the option to allow the track information to scroll on the display, so I can actually see what the track title is.

Thank you!

Personally, I really hate scrolling text on the screen. The way I see it, the track is one of the key pieces of info you want, and it should just be displayed in full. There’s plenty of other crap on most views that could easily make way for such basic info that should always be there

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If only there were space to allow that, but I suspect the font required to make that happen would be unreadable. If that could be done well enough, I’d be on board for that, too.

You may have noticed that I requested the Option to allow for scrolling, I surely understand that one solution doesn’t fit all.

It is quite literally impossible to identify classical music without the composer name and full (canonical) WORK/composition name. And the PART is needed to tell the user where in the performance the music is.

So however it happens, these items must be present for Roon’s displays to have informational value.

I think a good solution is to create two presentation templates: one for classical; and one for all other.

After spending 1 year looking at Roon’s best efforts at a screen design on Chromecast, I’m convinced that at least two design templates are needed.

Mate - just stop listening to classical music, tadah! Problem solved.
Seriously though, one thing I never understood is why you need to know where you are in it. I guess for Opera you might be following a story line but for other pieces. When you go to a concert they don’t have a rolling ticker of where you are, so?

Well, you have a point, but OTOH, when Roon Radio throws up something interesting, being able to see the complete title of the track gives instant gratification. Delayed gratification is having to go the History list and hunt it down there.

Fair enough, i was thinking of playing a whole composition but that makes sense.

Why do I need to where I’m at in the composition? That’s easy. So I can know how much more of this s**tty music I have to put up with! :slight_smile:

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