Improve scrobbling feature


I’m seriously considering switching to Roon.
I’m currently in the trial period and I do a complete evaluation of the features and the things that are important to me (and other people I hope).

One of these is scrobbling. Although scrobbling is already present, we have absolutely neither knowledge nor control on what metadata is scrobbled.
It is especially annoying when multiple artists are involved.

I found another post on the forum but I find interesting to put it on the Feature Requests section.

Anyone interested ? Any other idea of improvement in this area ? Any explanation from the team ?


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+1 from me.

I created a thread on here a few months ago asking for this to be sorted out. It got support from users but received no response from Roon staff.

Roon needs to scrobble the Primary Artist only.

I’ve updated the other thread with the problem and how we are stuck on what the right behavior is…

I also replied in the other thread.