Improve song matching to other instances of same song

@joel, this is probably one for you.

I’ve noticed that Roon doesn’t match a song to other instances of the same song when the song title is adorned with data in brackets e.g. (Acoustic) or [Acoustic].

Would be great if Roon could check for song name and composer match without stuff in brackets in song name. It’ll go some way to increasing matches and enhancing exploration/browsing of library.

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Hi @evand,

Can you provide some examples of what you’re seeing here so we can take a closer look?

I’ll have to go look for a few tracks in albums I’ve recently tagged. Will revert.


Chris Cornell - All Night Thing:

There are many others, I’ll post them as I encounter them.

Hi @evand,

Thanks for sharing the example with us! In this case, our metadata provider does not have a composer listed on the second one, which is why you’re seeing this.

I discussed this with the team and confirmed that when we do our matching we disregard what is in brackets. However, some of these tracks that you’re seeing my not have a composer which is why they aren’t matching how you’d expect. This is something we are always looking to improve and hope to do better here in the future.

Thanks again, we appreciate the report!

I’ve mentioned it before, an easy fix is to assign the composer where there are other instances of the same song and same performer where one or more has a composer attached.