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Description Of Issue

“Recents” menu on iPhone should display “loading icon” like other menu in stead of “You haven’t add any music yet!”

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It’s the same on Android. The whole updating of these along with discovery has got worse with later releases. I am also finding it just gets stuck every now and again for ages loading an album, then it will be fine after this one hiccup until it does it again. It all playing fine from streaming services at the time it does this. So not sure if it’s a local issue or connecting to Roons servers.

Also noted, when restarting Roon server after an update or I moved the server the other day it takes minutes before all bits can be accessed. The app connects as soon as the server is up but all the bits that talk to Roon servers, Tidal, Qobuz, Recent, Discovery are not accessible for at least a minute after this. No idea why. Changing DNS make no difference to this, I use Cloudflare normally.

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Hi @Do_Hoang_Ha,

Thanks for the report! I just checked our system and I see that there is an existing ticket regarding this behavior, so I have added your ticket to the report for tracking. While I can’t comment on when exactly we will make changes in this area, I want to let you know we’re actively working on this aspect, thanks for the report!

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