Improve usability of "New Releases for You"

Thanks for adding this great feature to Roon. I would like to see some evolution in this feature.

In the current state it’s very annoying to remove albums that I’ve listened to and don’t want to buy or listen again. At the moment I have go back from the album view to the overview, look for the listened album, right click it and then open the dots menu to dismiss the album from the list. Adding an album is much easier as it is possible from the dots menu right at the album screen.

A small improvement would be, to have also a menu command “dismiss from list” in the dots menu of an album. But even better were two the buttons “add to library” and “dismiss from recommendations” so that I don’t have to open the menu. My main reason to use “New Releases for You” is to discover new albums to add to my library so the interface should make it as easy as possible.

It would also be very helpful to see the main genre of all albums in the list as I already know which genre I don’t like. Beside that there should be a x-button on every artwork to directly dismiss an album. Also a play button would be nice to avoid a navigation orgy. Most times I need to listen only some seconds to decide if I don’t like an album. If you don’t want to clutter the suggestions view you could just add a simple play button to every album and enrich the mini player at the bottom of the screen with the two buttons “add to library” and “dismiss from recommendations”.

Instead of adding the genre to every album you could group the recommendations by genre like every streaming service does nowadays.

Well, maybe I use the feature in a different way than intended. It feels like an inbox for me which I want to empty.


Been asking that for years to implement that in the album browser and now more than ever in the “new releases for you”. Glad to finally see someone else asking for this. It is a highly missed piece of metadata here. I really would like to see genre tags underneath albums in this section as well as in the album browser and the artists browser and in the Tidal section. It is very usefull information after all and besides it is exactly this kind of information Roon is charging a premum price for, I only don’t see it in the right places.