Improved export feature request

I would like Roon to export liner notes and cover art too, while exporting an album. Or maybe only the files in a specified subfolder such as “artwork”. Even better would be the ability to customize folder hierarchy.

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@support any chance?

The reason i export files by roon is because i want Roon to embed its own metadata (especially for classical titles) so other than exporting the ability to embed metadata without need to export with some options would also be very useful

Such as…
Write roon metadata but only add missing data
Write roon metadata but overwrite all existing metadata and replace it with roon metadata

I’m unburying this request to avoid creating a new thread. I would love to be able to configure export, for example:

  • Choose the file name logic / directory structure.
  • Choose the max artwork side (currently at 1024 but I like even bigger quality for my screen!)
  • Export (or not) the artwork directly in the album directory, at full size.
  • Maybe choose which tags to include / exclude…

I realize not many people would need this. But also, some of these features would not cost too much to develop…

Thanks and cheers!

There could very well be contractual reasons why some metadata, especially pictures, cannot be exported like that to end users.

Agreed, but technically ROON is already exporting the album art in the audio file through the tags… Not sure it changes much from a legal point of view :stuck_out_tongue: