Improved Stability and sound on Sonos

Just wanted to post for the Roon staff and community that, since the first iteration of Sonos compatibility, I have noticed a significant improvement in both stability and sound quality from the legacy Sonos “branch” of my home audio system. I’m still a bit careful with rapid and successive transport actions, but overall I’m quite happy with where this has gone. My urge to consider ripping down this branch of the home audio tree has diminished.

Judging by the increasingly less frequent posts / complaints, I’m guessing others are experiencing the improvement as well …

Thanks for staying on it.


Same positive experience here :-). I feel stability has improved (as long as I refrain from multiple actions in succession).
I only group up to 3 sonos devices at any given time so not sure what happens with more.


I’m sure @ben will be glad to read this…

At first I thought it was better too, but now I don’t think so. I have had successive Sonos “lost control” messages where the only recourse is to reboot the Sonos speaker. When you have multiple Sonos grouped it happens more. There is no diagnostics, there is no indication of which endpoint lost control. I had a dinner party and it just stopped between songs and I had to awkwardly shift to Sonos and do a bunch of fiddling.

I have worked extensively with @support but do not get clear indication from them as to what is happening or if the found anything. I do get the impression they are working on it a bit, but it has not shown up in release notes of the last several releases, so I am not sure that anything has changed.

I hope they are in fact fixing something.