Improved "Versions" button

I find myself constantly clicking the “Versions” button to see if there is a higher quality (bit rate/sample size) version available. Usually I find that the other versions are the same or less than my version. It would save time, if the 'Versions" button changed color or showed a different icon when there is a higher quality version available.The color change could also be used to indicate that there is a remaster or expanded version available.


And what is ‘higher quality’?
Is a badly remastered version with a higher bitrate higher quality?
Is a loosy MQA version higher quality as the loosless FLAC version?

Such a color change will start a lot of wars between audiophiles with different opinions what is ‘higher’ quality.
Higher bitrate is not automaticly an indicator for higher quality. It’s like saying a 1000 watt amp sounds better then a 100 watt amp.

While those are good questions, the point is not to say that a particular version is best, but to make the Versions button more informative without clicking. There is not need for a “war” since no claim is being made other than that there is a higher bit-rate, higher bit depth, or deluxe (more tracks) version available. You still get to decide for yourself what is best and you don’t lose access to anything. What it would eliminate, is clicking thru only to find out that the other versions are pretty much the same as what you already have. Perhaps I should not have used the term “high quality” as that is subjective and not something the software could determine.

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