Improvement for album identifying algorithms in Roon

Having imported my ripped albums to the internal SSD of my Nucleus+ I am most frustrated that the majority of the wav-file albums isn’t identified. Even if the track titles, the number of tracks and the track lengths are absolutely identical with Roon’s Internal database, Roon doesn’t find a match. And if a match is searched manually Roon displays a wrong track sequence. It is easy to move the tracks to the correct track number using the track lengths displayed. But it is most time consuming and could be made automatically if the algorithms were a bit more sophisticated. The online data bases used for ripping my albums could easily detect the correct match! Room for improvement!

Use flac not wav would probably make a greater instant improvement.


For future rips, ok! But I wouldn’t rip again some 400 albums being stored already!

Would still probably be quicker than getting wav files working.

Have you got something like dBpoweramp? If so, you can do a batch conversion of Wav to Flac very easily.


Just to second Geoff. I used dbPoweramp to switch my several thousands CD rips from WAV to FLAC.

Also, I suggest converting to flac. I did it in my database.