Improvement to lyrics function

The lyrics function in Roon is excellent. But, why not make it even better?

I have 2 suggestions:

1: Allow the user to edit/fix/add missing lyrics (with the edits saved in Roon’s database)
2. Allow the current line of lyrics to be highlighted, which makes the lyrics more dynamic and following the song. If the lyric source used by Roon does not have this feature, then it could be built into Roon itself, with the user telling Roon when to switch lines - this would also be saved in the database. Or some more elegant solution :smile:


Like a bouncing ball like you get in Karaoke… :grinning:

Really - this is a joke isn’t it ?

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While they are at it why not add real time translation from/to any combination of languages :slight_smile:

Heh, it amuses me that people are laughing about this.

Opening up our metadata databases to user editing/contribution is one of our big goals for the coming year, and we are in the process of getting time-coded data from our lyrics provider so that we can do the kind of thing @extracampine is talking about.


Ha! Amused me too. No joke. Good to hear that you’re planning improvements to the lyrics feature! It will take my Friday night karaoke to a whole new level. Now I just have to find someone to sing with…


And translation really would be great for Opera - no joking!


I’ve have always liked how iPeng handled lyrics. As the song plays it keeps scrolling up where as in Roon you manually have to scroll (it helps with artists who have very long lyrics… I’ve been wanting to bring this up before, but always figured you guys had more important features. :slight_smile:

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And translation really would be great for Opera - no joking!

I did a bunch of research into displaying Libretti in-app about a year ago. It’s a really neat project.

Data exists, and rights aren’t a huge issue. The data out there isn’t consistently structured to be understood by machines. The good news is there aren’t really that many operas, so this could be solved by a couple of people scrubbing/importing data manually for a little while.

I want to do a side-by-side translation view with the original language + translations displayed in a way that you could scroll them together.

Thinking about this through the lens of 2016, we’d want to open up the system to user contributions, both for original text and for translations after seeding it somehow on our end.

I can’t say when something like this will happen. It’s a big feature with a relatively narrow audience compared to some of the other big projects we have planned. But we’ll keep grinding away, and eventually we will reach a point where really nailing opera is at the top of the list.


Thought the idea was to sing with yourself …

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Good to hear that Roon are thinking about opening up the lyrics feature to 1) allow end-user editing and 2) adding support for Opera libretti.

I took a quick dip into the lyrics yesterday as part of my trialling of Roon, and was frankly appalled at the poor quality of what I saw from LyricFind.

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How cool - lyrics in time with the music…
It migh tbe a bit too tempting to sing though, which is never a good thing, especially when wearing headphones!

Synced lyrics would be great for me.

Now how to display them in the shower…

How about this? :smiley:

Be happy to help out with this one. Opera meta-data needs some loving and this would be a great fit to go along side of that.

Actually, floating lyrics is a must have feature for any party based on enjoying music together. And nobody really did this well since Spotify stopped having this feature. Last metal party, one of us had to push the “match” button in MusicXMatch for every song. This really sucked… but now maybe Roon will save us? :wink:

Not a word from the staff about this from a long time…
So… can we still have any hope for this feature?


I was listening to the classic double album from Todd Rundgren “Something/Anything?” and was surprised to find that the listed lyrics for “Dust in the Wind” came from the Kansas album “Point of Know Return”. Same title but different writers. Kerry Livgren for Kansas and Todd Rundgren on his album. Guess the issue of provenance is not very clean for Roon sourcing.

Would be cool if the lyrics had a built-in automatic scrolling with the song so one could play/sing-along without interruptions. Like the app "Tabs Pro"has

Would also be cool if it could be linked with YouTube tutorials for teaching to play the songs on guitar, drums et.c.