Improvements to UI for classical music

(Rudi) #21

A few posts up I cited my example of Malcolm Sargent’s Pictures, which I had signaled to @joel a few months back. His response was that the metadata is erroneous. To this day the metadata is not fixed.
In all the relevant posts of this thread, I tagged @joel but strangely received no response.
@Geoff_Coupe It may well be that the process is structured. In that case I must have fallen victim to several mistakes in a row. Should I simply be more patient?

(58LesPaul) #22

Is there a structured way to report metadata errors? Perhaps a database that captures the request and allows people to track the progress, or search to see if a request has already been made?

(Geoff Coupe) #23

If there is a database, it will be internal to Roon Labs. The current process is that we, the customers, report errors via the Support/Metadata Issues category in the forum, where they are picked up and dealt with by Roon staff.

(Geoff Coupe) #24

Yes. /10 char

(58LesPaul) #25

Thank you, I thought that was the process, I was hoping for more structure…

I am a lifetime subscriber, and I happily use Roon, but I have given up in this area. My feeling is that is useless to report metadata issues, so I don’t…

(Geoff Coupe) #26

Well, your perception is your reality, but if we all felt that way, nothing would get done.

The problem is exacerbated by the sheer numbers of metadata errors that a couple of Roonies have to deal with, I suspect. It’s instructive to list the number of posts in the Metadata Issues category (currently nudging 1,800) and noting how few manage to get closed.

I think more are resolved than are marked closed, so perhaps marking resolved issues explicitly as closed might improve the structure of the process a tad. What say you, @joel?

(Mike O'Neill) #27

I have tried Idagio for 2 months , there is only a few things there not covered by Tidal

2 points. ,it’s not gapless and you can really only use it casting via a mobile device , ie no integration like Tidal

Also the metadata is a bit thin in comparison

Primephonic isn’t available in South Africa so can’t try that

(58LesPaul) #28

You might be right that many more are resolved … but it might also be that, despite Roon’s best efforts, the data is not being fixed at the providers end.

A structured request/reporting application would illustrate this, and this could be one of the reasons why the application is internal only.

N.B. I appreciate your efforts, and I hope I am not coming across as hostile… I’m really not. Would it were that these issues were the biggest problems in life… :slightly_smiling_face:

(Adrian Laughton) #29

cheers - I’d assumed the metadata would be better and they’d have more advanced and appropriate search facilities.

(Mike O'Neill) #30

You can create an account and see what’s available without paying , it’s quite open

(Steven Zore) #31

The 2 screens look identical…

(Rudi) #32

@Steven_Zore Not quite. Look at the tracklist ……
The first one lists the composition as “Pictures at an Exhibition (Kartinki s vïstavski)” and list all (3 visible) tracks as parts of this composition. All the following tracks are also listed as being part of the composition.
The second one list the composition as “Pictures at an Exhibition” and lists only two tracks as part of the composition. Then it starts another instance of the composition “Pictures at an exhibition” with tracks 3-7 (and another one below the screenshot for tracks 8 onwards). The composition is cut into three parts in the second screenshot.
In reality Pictures is one composition with 15 movments. The first screen correctly reflects that, the second one does not.


I appreciate Roon’s metadata. It mostly works for me with a moderate amount of tag editing (in MusiChi Tagger). Sometimes it requires more extensive editing. I don’t see a better alternative.

Crowdsourcing data sounds good. But we would need some sort of style guide that could be a time pit to develop and negotiate. Better, Roon could automate the formatting and style, with users providing the basic data. The decision of how to format the data would still require debate, discussion and time.

Except for box-sets, I don’t encounter too many unidentified albums, and at least then I can input any data that I have.

So the biggest problems for me are errors and inconsistencies that are not user correctable. Asking Roon to ask their data supplier for a correction is not a reasonable solution. There is no notice sent if the problem is corrected, and no guarantee that it will ever be corrected. I have never understood why Roon sometimes overrides user data even when “prefer file data” is selected. It should be a basic principle that the user can always override Roon’s data. An impatient user should always be able to correct metadata errors for their local collection, preferably from within Roon.