Improving cover graphics - HINT

Some of the cover graphics are so low rez it is impossible to read any of the script so the usual ploy is to improve the graphics by finding a good image on the net.

However I’ve been frequently frustrated by Roon’s non acceptance of a copy of the image address BUT this morning accidentally hit upon a ploy that seems to overcome that. It is simple, just COPY the image first, THEN copy the image address. That seems to work every time.

The other more time consuming ploy to improve album recognition is to alter the image by inserting large text which makes identification from the thumbnail easy. I use MS Publisher to concoct a replacement cover then save it as a jpg file which is inserted in by an edit. However it is important to do this AFTER identification. This process is important for a set of classsical albums where all covers are boringly the same. I used the same process with Sooloos but there is was simpler to merely copy and paste any created images while editing.

POSTSCRIPT: Damn - it does not always work so it is necessary to copy and paste into Publisher as described above. Annoying as copying the imasge address is much quicker and more efficient.

This issue of poor quality covers is known, but doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet. See post from brian in this thread@