Improving "Discover" Tab

Hello everyone. I am not sure how much of AI or personalisation goes into the logic of Discover tab on Roon, so I will just throw this idea out there any case. I have way too many albums, >2000. And getting recommendations is really important for me to discover some of the music I havent listened to for a while. Which one of us isnt lost in our libraries from tie to time. I think Discover tab could use the data: my listening habits, genre, artists, time of the day, etc. and fine tune the spread on the page accordingly. I would even go ahead and push the bands that are about to play in my city / neighbourhood to build interest and hype.

I really like the "released this month in 19xx’ feature, keep the good stuff coming. :slight_smile:

Cheers all.

Good thoughts! I depend on Discover in order to, umm, discover music buried in my collection. I would like some control over how this is presented. Some very simple things like switching on or off different types of discovery. For example, I never use the record label categories and would like to switch that one off so it isn’t distracting from the ones I do use.