Improving / enriching Roon's user experience via metadata features

When an album is unidentified in Roon, Roon does not match tracks to other instances of the same track in one’s library, curtailing ability to find other performances of same song.

When enhancing Roon’s metadata editing capability for users it’d be great to add the ability to find all instances of a song with the same title, preselect those that Roon knows is the same song and allow the user to flag one or more additional instances as also being a performance of the same song. This way all instances become visible and any instance leads to all others.

Surely it does this already. Just checked. Terraplane Blues lists 5 performances.
I open this up and all are listed ready to play.
Or am I missing something? Ahhh the unidentified bit… Well that may be tricky. Chris

Nothing tricky about presenting a list of tracks with the same title

. . . except that it requires “fuzzy” logic - what if the track doesn’t have exactly the same title, but any human would realize they are actually the same thing? How does the computer know and what is the reasonable confidence level to flag it “the same”?

I’m not suggesting Roon makes the decisions for you, I’m suggesting that it presents those it knows about plus those it doesn’t and provides sufficient info on screen for you as a user to be able to make the decision. 95% of tracks could be readily matched just looking at title and composer…the rest may require a user to know who performed it and perhaps what album it’s from. The fuzzy logic can be left to users.

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I believe this was discussed in a previous thread, though I can’t find it at the moment. However, the discussion centered on not just the name of the track, but author/song writer. That needs to match as well in order for Roon to identify it as multiple performances.

Yep, but if I recall correctly if a work/song or artist is not considered significant within your collection or generally the linkages aren’t necessarily made by default with or without the metadata in place.

What I’m advocating for is for Roon to provide the facility to present the user with all tracks of the same name and composer or even missing or different composers, let the user sort that list by song title and composer, and make the connection where Roon hasn’t already done so. In this way Roon’s default behavior isn’t changed at all, however, a user, by making the connections arrives at an enhanced user experience.

I get it! Sounds like a good idea.

Hell, I truly hope something along these lines makes its way into 1.3, it’s frustrating knowing something’s in your library and having to go explicitly search for it rather than click through to find/ list all instances.