Improving schiit stack and google Chromecast Audio chain

Any way to improve this?

On my Mojo, i had similar problem. Turn the DSP vol up to 100 and control volume via the DAC if you can? Mojo has volume control, don’t know for the Schiit?

Sounds good, will give it a go tonight.


That did it thanks!

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You can bypass volume altogether and set output to fixed in device settings. Effectively the same thing as setting roons volume to 100, but it guarantees roon never attenuates accidentally which will always kill “lossless”.

Personally, I prefer to have the option for DSP volume on hand. That silver dot vs green dot is mostly pyscho stuff to me, lol. It just doesn’t sit right to have the green dot, haha.

But for casual use it’s nice to be able to dial it down via remotes without having to enter settings if I can temporarily overcome my dot OCD of course :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’ll fiddle with it and update the thread.

On a side note, while trying to compare the GCA and my Raspberry Pi, it dawned on me that the Schiit Modi Multibit has three digital inputs (spdif, optical, usb) while my still-in-upgrade-at-Schiit Jotunheim multibit has only one usb digital input. I’m not really sure what the advantage of the Jotunheim is at this point after this realization.

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