Improving useability of metadata

I’ve noticed on numerous occasions now when browsing biographies and album reviews that artists, bands, performers and composers named therein are not necessarily hyperlinked despite their appearance in one’s music library.

@brian, I think there’d be great benefit in periodically parsing metadata you retrieve from Rovi and ensuring that all referencable items have been hyperlinked.

An example of where this has not been done is Amanda Marshall’s biography.

I’m not sure about the viability of mapping name->entity references automatically, because names are not good unique identifiers for anything.

The links that we have are populated by Rovi editors, so they crisply refer to the right entries. Roon filters out links that would be “dead” in your library.

@jeremiah, do you think Rovi would go back and populate bios/reviews with links that are missing at our request? That would at least give us a way to approach cases like this when they come up.

Thanks @brian, could Roon provide the capability to edit hyperlinks in the metadata editor if Rovi are not prepared to improve their data?