In a pickle with ROCK internal storage

As the title says, I’ve got myself in a bit of a mess. I am trying to transfer my library from a a 4tb external usb attached to my nuc to a 4tb internal ssd. I have followed the advice given in the faqs etc but now I am stuck. I did have Roon point to two separate folders on the external drive \Flac and \Flac HD. I have transferred these two folders to the internal drive. I have disabled the storage locations in settings. I see three, one for internal storage and one each for the two external storage folders. Do I just redirect each of the external folders to the internal drive using the unc path. Or do I do anything with the internal storage in setting? I cannot see any way to specifically choose a folder. When I did enable the use of internal storage it looked like it was adding a whole load of files to the library, obviously not what I want. I cancelled and am currently restoring from library back up (will take ages as I have about 5500 albums). I would be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts on the best way to proceed. Many thanks

I would connect the external disk to a pc or Mac, browse to the Rock internal storage on the pc, then copy the music over.
Rock is a minimal os designed specifically for running Roon only.

Did you format your new internal drive using ROCK GUI.

If so, you should be able to pick your new folders from Settings ==> Storage ==> Add Folder.

Yep, all good and done as instructed in the faqs. :+1: the point is what do I do now?

I have followed the faqs and all is good. The files are all on the internal storage, effectively in album folders within two folders in the root of the internal drive. The problem is in the last stage of directing Roon to the correct two folders.

I’ll try in a minute, still restoring from backup. Will this prevent adding duplicates to the library?

You shouldn’t need to explicitly add these two folders - they are both folders in the Internal Storage space.

If your files are now in the Internal Storage - than you should disable the watched folders on your external drives - otherwise you will get duplicates appearing.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. However, I had referenced them separately on the external storage. When I enabled the internal storage it looked trike a whole load of albums were being added to the library, which I don’t want!!

External storage is disabled

Ok restored from backup but the internal storage had been reenabled and was slowly adding tracks. Is this normal? Will I be getting duplicates? Many thanks

So, if you’ve now disabled the external watched folders, then I think Roon should realise that the files in your library are now living on your Internal Storage. You should be able to delete the reference(s) to your external drive(s) from your Roon Settings > Storage screen.

However, let’s get @support to comment on this. I’ve moved your thread across to the Support category in the forum.

Thank you Geoff

Hi @Mark_Robbins1,

Now that you’ve removed the backup I’d completely remove (not just disable) the two existing watched folders for the external drives. Then, turn off RoonServer from the Web UI (just as a precaution) and then start copying your files to Internal Storage.

Once the copying has completed, start up RoonServer once more. Roon will then go through the process of matching up your files to the existing database entries as it imports and then you’ll be good to go!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Sorry Dylan, I am not sure what you mean. The two folders on the external usb were copied successfully over to the internal ssd (about 3tb worth!) Roon had been disabled. I then reenabled it and the internal storage was disabled as were the two external storage locations (I has set to disabled before stopping Roon). I then enabled the internal storage. It appeared to be slowly adding files. I “panicked ” and disabled the internal storage. I then restored the backup of the library from just before I added the ssd. When the restore had finished all locations were apparently reenabled (not by me!). I have now deleted the external storage and tracks are slowly being added. Not sure yet if duplicates have been created. Thanks

@Mark_Robbins1 when changing the location Roon will look like it’s adding them all again , but i should relink them all at the end and you will be back to normal. Just leave it to do its thing it will take some time to reindex it all and link up.

Thank you. I have check and looks ok at the mo. 3000 albums done 2.5k to go :slight_smile:

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Ok, all done now and all looks good. Thank you all for your help. I think that more patience was required! Maybe this should be in the faq :slight_smile:

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Well, the essential steps are sort of there, but a) it’s included in the Nucleus section, and not explicitly repeated for ROCK installations and b) the steps are short and sweet, and probably take a few minutes to absorb and understand for most people.

Take a look at the list in the “Internal Storage” section under Step 3: Configuration here:

Roon Labs should probably add some further explanatory text around this process - and include the whole thing in the ROCK section as well.

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