In-ceiling speakers

Hi folks

Since this is such a helpful community, thought I’d quickly ask what in-ceiling speakers you would recommend?

The kitchen is 5m x 3.5m, and has high 3.5m high ceilings. Would want to listen to music at “party” volume and good quality (doesn’t have to be audiophile quality, but on par with a Sonos Play 3). Have wires for 2 speakers.

The bedroom is 5.5m x 2.5m with standard height ceilings, also looking for good quality. Have wires for 2 speakers.

Will also scatter single speakers around bathrooms, and two in each spare room.



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My brother in law installed some Kef coaxial ceiling speakers. They sound really quite good (for ceiling jobbies anyhow). Even to the extent that he recently ripped up the floorboards above to build enclosures round them :slight_smile:

Thanks! Any idea what model he went for? And if he used the KEF ceiling enclosures?

no idea, but you’ll get a better idea by searching reviews online; i’ve only heard them pre-enclosures and at family gatherings, hardly the most critical of listening opportunities :slight_smile:

and ref the enclosures, i’m fairly sure he mdf’d something himself.


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Totem Tribe In-Ceiling Speaker is what I’ve been eyeing for a theater room redo.